Demolition of the Libeň Bridge

Save the Libeň Bridge, it is Prague’s masterpiece!

At the beginning of 2016, I was actively involved in activities of the citizens’ initiative Libeň Bridge Against demolition, Againstextension, founded by Adam Scheinherr in order to protest against the nonsense plan to demolish the old Libeň Bridge and replace it with new. Along with other enthusiasts, we started the fight to refute the false arguments about the bridge not being repairable and the need for its extension. At the same time, we draw the attention to its long-neglected maintenance and we filed a motion for its inclusion in the list of cultural monuments. We organised a public debate, two walks and especially a petition which was signed by over 2000 Prague citizens in record time. We managed to raise awareness of media interest, which culminated in a comprehensive report on the show Reportéři ČT on February 22, 2016.

This was followed by the persuasion of political representatives of the city, firstly the Municipal District of Prague 8 and then Prague City Council. To the surprise of all, we managed to persuade the authorities and to ensure compliance of the petition for saving the Libeň Bridge, requesting an inspection of its technical condition, the need for enlargement and the immediate initiation of the local reconstructions as a resolution of the Prague City Council. Further development proved our arguments right. Subsequent stress tests proved that the Libeň Bridge is in a better condition than expected, or at least the most valuable part of the arc part above the river. A new study of the anticipated development of the traffic intensity, delivered in the context of IPR Prague, proved that the bridge is not to be extended. Now the Ministry of Culture is to make a statement regarding the preservation of the bridge. In the meantime, thanks to the tireless work of Adam Scheinherr the bridge is being at least provisionally repaired to prevent further damage. Attention was also focussed on the old Jewish cemetery forgotten and hidden away in the Libeň Bridge embankment deserves to be mentioned.

“The Libeň Bridge Battle” is not over yet, but one thing is certain now.Libeň bridge battle is not yet over, but one thing is certain now. When there are committed individuals from the general public and they can convince others of their truth, even a seemingly ineluctable destiny can be reversed.

Citizens Initiative “Libeň Bridge Against demolition, Against extension”  |  since 2016  |  photo: Dita Krouželová, Martin Lukeš

Reportage about planned demolition of the Libeň Bridge   | 22.2.2016 |   Czech Television (only CZ)

Article about rescue of the Libeň Bridge   | 06-07/2016 |   Stavebnictví (only CZ)