Faces of the Vyšehrad

Vyšehrad has a lot of faces. It was a castle, a town, a fortress and a symbol.

Vyšehrad always stood aside of the Prague towns and the interest of the public. Most people perceive it as a nice park with a city view, as a place of compulsory school trips. Although the past of Vyšehrad is truly remarkable, it is still not adequately processed and presented. The long-term project is focused on the new presentation of Vyšehrad and its sights, both existing and defunct.

New permanent exhibition about the importance of Vyšehrad in the history of the fortification around Prague was first completed in June 2014. It is installed in the area of the former guardhouse in the Brick Gate, reconstructed according to the project by the studio of H3T Architekti. The focal point of the space is a circular model of the central part of Prague, with a diameter of 2,5 m. The audio-visual exposition is based on the possibility of connecting the present and past by using individual projections. For example the definition of Prague towns and fortifications, on the model of current Prague. Straight in front of the eyes of the visitor the story takes place the story of Vyšehrad in the context of the whole city. It is complemented with screenings of contemporary graphic views, plans and photographs. Part of the exhibition is also the projection of the Prague Gate, presenting the visitors with the historical development and form of the city gates.

The pursuance of the project was a series of walks, revealing the individual faces of Vyšehrad, and guided lectures over the model of Prague. Currently, we are working on the preparation of new routes for the public, on publishing of the guidebook and modifying the existing exposure about the construction and historical development of Vyšehrad, in the so called Gothic Cellar. The date is set for 2017.

National Cultural Monument Vyšehrad   | since 2014 |   photo: Rostislav Zapletal

Articles and Media (only CZ)

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