For the Old Prague

Keep your eyes open and notice things around you.”

The Club for Old Prague, which continuously protects monuments in Prague since 1900, has always been my great role-model and at the beginning it shaped my opinions. Therefore, at the age of 18 in April 2003, I joined its ranks as one of the youngest members. Immediately, I began to “fight” for the historical Prague and I wrote several articles for the journal of the Club for Old Prague and for other specialist periodicals. The fight for Karlin’s sights and neoclassical houses, affected after the floods in 2002 with unnecessary demolition, has become the turning point for me. In collaboration with VladimírVokál, we started shooting news reports for TV Praha as the individual cases became public. I believe we have managed to reverse the fate of certain buildings, such as the former cemetery chapel in Perner Street. Later, I wrote a graduation essay about my fight for Karlín and I was awarded the prize “Česká hlava” (literal translation “Czech head”) for the year 2004 in the category of Hope.

In 2004 I founded a citizens association, the Club for Preservation of Monuments. Furthermore, I pursued activism and media coverage of the disputed cases independently. Over time, however, I shifted to more towards the awareness-raising actions and began organising non-fiction guided walks, first under the auspices of the Prague information service, and later as part of my association. In 2015, I returned to the Club for Old Prague (KlubZastarouPrahu). Here, I would like to represent the “moderate wing”, trying to find compromises between the modern inputs to the historic environment and the need of its protection as a whole. From my point of view, finding them is the basis for the successful development of Prague, on the UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition, I continue to devote my time to the raising of public awareness, because I believe that things can move forward only through constant education of the general public.

Reportages about rescue of city district Karlin after flood in 2002   | 2003-2004 |   Television Prague (only CZ)

“Lone Warrior”  | Czech Television, 15. 5. 2005 |  Portrait about my activities in Karlin (only CZ)