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The world is like a Cubist architecture. It can be observed in many ways. It has its ups and downs.

After graduation I started  to work at the studio of Jakub Cigler Architekti (formerly Cigler Marani Architects) in 2011. I was a copartner on the designing of administrative business centre of Florentinum and office buildings of Aviatica, implemented in the revitalisation project of former factory Walter in Prague 5, Jinonice. In both cases, I have tried to work in a large team on very challenging projects in all stages of its preparation and implementation. I have also passed the exam of the LEED Certification which is engaged in the design, construction and management of eco-sustainable buildings. However, I found my place in the projects of public spaces revitalisation. From 2012, I am working on the project of the Wenceslas Square revitalisation on the basis of Jakub Cigler’s winning competition design from 2005. At the same time I was involved in the revitalisation of the Moskevská Street and adjacent spaces in Prague Vršovice, which was completed in 2014.

After four years, I left the studio, so that I could fully concentrate on other activities, which gradually developed into leisure activities. I stayed as an external associate on the project of the Wenceslas Square revitalisation. With the help of other public activities, especially through cooperation with the New Town of Prague Association (SdruženíNovéhoMěstapražského), I strive to “keep” this project and push it into a successful implementation. I believe that the return to the dignified form of this key public area of the Czech Republic is Prague’s primary responsibility. For me, the work in the studio of Jakub Cigler was a rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to closely experience the daily operations of a large studio of the world excellence class and try to work on challenging Czech and foreign projects. I have met a number of wonderful people and realised the importance of a substantive perspective and ability to patiently seek a compromise solution.

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