New Prague subway line D

Metro is not only a transport construction. It is an important public space.

The initiative Metro D differently and better was created as a response to the announced visualisation of the stations on the new metro line D, which is planned since 2009. Its significant below average quality, in comparison with the contemporary realisations in other European cities, repeatedly raised a wave of criticism from the public as well as from experts. The first step was an online petition to open an architectural competition, which PavlínaKrásná launched in August 2016 and at the same time, together with others, she created a Facebook page dedicated to the architectural-artistic qualities of the Prague metro. In a short time, the petition gathered almost ten thousand signatures as it has sparked a lot of interest in the media. This was followed by a written petition, on which formulation I have already participated. I have supplemented the points regarding the poor state of the stations, progressive destruction of works of art, poor maintenance and excessive growth of inappropriate commercial activities on the premises of vestibules. No less important was the notification regarding the specific supplier relations and internal technical standards of the Prague Public Transit. It repeatedly raises suspicion that it is tailored to the circumstances of individual suppliers, as well as number of other disadvantageous contracts. At the end of September, three thousands of Prague inhabitants have signed the petition, as the number reached its record level in a short time.

At the same time, together with the public pressure on Prague’s municipal representatives and the city council, we are devoted to the awareness-raising activities in order to present the metro as a significant public space and to highlight problems with respect to its management and maintenance. We held several commented walks straight in the metro underground. We also initiated a series of meetings with entities and politicians involved and participated in a series of articles, reports and public debates. However, in October the petition was only discussed and taken into account by the Prague City Council. Therefore, we were able to accelerate the opening of the architectural-artistic competitions regarding the metro line D. Nonetheless, the points concerning the issues of management and maintenance of existing stations remained unresolved. We further continue with our work and put pressure on the public and media regarding the solution. We strive to systematically popularise the architectural-artistic quality of the Prague metro in order to prevent its gradual destruction. We try to gain support from the political presentation and we believe that we will be able to move closer to establishing new rules on the metro and its overall purging.

Facebook profile of the iniciative Metro D differently and better   |   photo: Tomáš Vojtíšek