The Story of the Wenceslas Square

As a person, each place has its own memory.”

Two outdoor exhibitions on the Wencelas Square thematically serve as a follow-up. It deals with changes of its form and its meaning in the course of the 19th and 20th century. Graphics views, contemporary plans and historic photos from the Wenceslas Square from the Prague City Archives, the archives of Czech News Agency (ČTK) and other institutions, were exhibited on the panels with dimensions of 180×120 cm. Most of these materials have never been presented in such quality and size. Therefore, visitors could compare the original and current state on the spot, they could go back in time and penetrate the experience of each photograph.

The exhibition of the Story of the Wenceslas Square (04/2014) dealt with the construction and historical development of the square from its establishment in the year 1348 in the mid-20th century. The theme was divided into parts of the Horse Market, Park Promenade and the Major City Boulevard, a commensuration to its main function, in that one time or another. The exhibition Shop Window of the Metropolis (05/2015) focused on the golden period of the Wenceslas Square from the 20s to the 70s of the last century. At that time, it was the centre of the city with a variety of cultural life, a prestigious place for living and employment, big-city Boulevard with its shining neon lights late into the night, it was the stage and the auditorium of the major events of the Czech modern history.

The goal of both exhibitions, accompanied by free walks for the public, was to remind the faded glory of the Wenceslas Square, to explain the causes of its current unsatisfactory state, and point out the need for the urgent nationwide revitalisation of the crucial space.

organizer: Sdružení Nového Města pražského  |  2014/2015  |  photo: MČ Praha 1, Jana Nováková

Articles and Media (only CZ)

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