The city and the river

Prague owes its appearance and genius loci the Vltava River.

In June 2014, I started to cooperate with the company Trade Centre Prague (TCP), which manages and maintains the selected real estate owned by the capital city of Prague. This includes a number of historically valuable buildings, such as the Platyz Palace and the Adria Palace at Národnítřída, and especially of the quarter along the waterfront Na Františku, Dvořákova, Alšova, Rašínova and Hořejšího. In the case of embankment, the company has a goal to develop its residential and social potential as a key public space of the central part of Prague. Due to the fact that I was always interested in the connection of the city and the river, I decided to pull my weight and shed light on the historical perspective and broader context.

In the context of the Prague embankment, I got the chance to write a page about the history of all Prague’s waterfront and about the complex development of the relationship of the city and the river. It represented an arterial road, source of strength and threat in the form of devastating floods for centuries. Its bank was an outskirt, a shanty town with brothels, mills, first factories and warehouses. The situation changed after the construction of Prague’s waterfront in the second half of the 19th century. Prague waterfronts have become a popular destination for walks, prestigious address for a living and the location of the major public buildings. Texts about the history of waterfronts and its embankments are accompanied by a range of unique photos from the Prague City Archive and manner of speech, daily life and the work of people associated with the river.

Other activities include development of the TCP’s website and organisation of public lectures on the history of the Platyz Palace on Národnítřída. Moreover, the “educational” walks for the employees and a calendar for 2015, comparing the historical and current state of the managed property.

Prague’s waterfront website |  organizer: Trade Centre Praha  |  since 2014  |  photo: Vojtěch Pavelčík, Trade Centre Praha