The Father of the Country Cipher

Charles IV has left us a cipher.” It is time to unravel it.

The project is focused on the presentation of the New Town of Prague and Charles IV as a builder and a great visionary, who for a short time made Prague a capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the Centre of the Western Christian world. Conceptual and structural concept of the New Town, planned as a manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem, still amazes with its generosity and his contemplation. The plan of streets, its size and layout of the main areas as well as individual church dominant features and its dedication was not coincidental. It met the complexity of the plan, which did not make any sense to us for centuries. The project aims to recall and visualise the remarkable story, hiding in the New Town’s streets and buildings. The uniqueness of the project lies in the revival of “medieval face” of the city, with the help of dozens of computer models, plans and hand-drawn sketches so that the observers get sucked in.

In the first phase of the project from May to July 2016, two exhibitions were organised on the Wenceslas square and Vyšehrad with accompanying walks and lectures in the New Town Hall, the Emmaus Monastery, and Vyšehrad.  In the second phase, we plan to publish a New Town’s buildings guidebook, on which we would like to establish mobile applications. In connection with the project, we are working on a 3D unique computer model of the medieval Prague, the usage of which will be versatile.

Exhibition on the Wenceslas Square   | 3.5.-1.6.2016 |   organizer: Sdružení Nového Města pražského

Exhibition on the Vyšehrad Castle   | 23.6.-31.7.2016 |   organizer: National cultural monument Vyšehrad

authors: Richard Fischer, Marek Kratochvíl, Jan Ondrák, Kamil Plavec, Miroslav Vomáčka, Josef Zelený

Articles and Media (only CZ) 

Reportage about the project    | 28.5.2016 |  Czech Television

Public lecture about the New Town of Prague   | 5.5.2016 |   New Town hall

Trailer about the project   | 5/2016 |   Kilián Kuděla, FAMU

Reportage about the exhibition on the Wenceslas Square   | 5. 5. 2016 |   Praha Television

Article about the project   | 11.3.2016 |   Deník Metro,