Urban Walks

Who knows the past, understands the present and will influence the future.”

In the autumn of 2014, I launched a cooperation with the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague), a progressive institution full of young people in order to change its standard (dis)order and to overcome the obsolete dogmas concerning regional planning. In particular, I took an interest in the form of public spaces and the related number of interesting conceptual material. I decided to do my bit and offered the organisation of walks, which would popularly introduce the public to the performance of IPR Prague and to the importance of public spaces in general. All in the form of educational activities. I believe that only by means of thorough educational activities straight in the field, it is possible to gain the support of the public, which would transform into the political support will subsequently change the setting and operation of the responsible urban institutions.

In the fall of 2014, as the first we have organised a six-volume cycle of commented walks through Prague with a manual of public spaces, which was aimed at the acquaintance of the public with the main concept presented on the design, management and maintenance of public spaces. Prague Public Space Design Manual issued in June of the same year became the basis material. The walks have been arranged in order to cover all parts of the manual and also various types of urban housing development from the historical city centre to the housing estate. The walks experienced an extraordinary success, therefore we have established the cycle of Urban Walks, which took place from May to August 2015. This time we examined the example of specific areas and sites, where its fundamental change and revitalisation is expected in the near future, as for example, Bělohorská Street, Vinohradská Street, Smíchovská embankment or Žižkov Freight Railway Station. In addition to the walking cycles and I am preparing also other outings for public schools, a variety of conferences and foreign visitors for IPR Prague.

The Prague Institute of Planning and Development  |  since 2014  |  photo: IPR Praha, Rendy Urbexon